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Trident Productions offers a wide range of services both in house and through freelance consultancies. We specilise in next generation distribution and marketing methods utilising social media and the internet. Production from a technically proficient and highly creative standpoint and development of talent and resources.


Film Production

Trident has directed, produced and edited high quality visually compelling works. We have experience in crafting cinematic productions with an emphisis on complex storytelling in order to achieve visually beautiful works, yet grounded by a strong narrative and purpose of production. Our Film Production cababilities do not leave us to just traditional film but Music Videos, TV Shows and Digital Promos all come under this distinction as we believe all should be as aesthetically fulfilling as film.



Trident has mostly worked on branding and image development for talent on an in house basis. We develop a clear look and identity through graphic design, photographic and cinemagraphic methods for talent or products to increase marketing opportunities. Consistancy and a unique representation is built to package for audience consumption. Branding is fundimental to Trident's process where our talent's image is defined in preliminary workings to outline the roadmap for future success.

Tax & Payment

Web Development

Web development acts as an umbrella catagory for Trident. Our company's fundimental processes work through a technology driven system, the web acts as a utility for Trident's core business. Trident provides multiple services for web but also technological challenges; Web Marketing, Social Media Engineering, Programming, Online Content Distribution, Bespoke web services creation such as Social Networks and much more.


Audio Production

Trident has worked on live productions, on location sound, in studio song recording of albums, cover songs and narration material. The high quality audio works by Trident have been used in production of Films and Music.



Photography is intrinsically important to Trident. It fundimentally links into our branding ideology where we define our talents unique image. Our photography acts as an impressive compliment for commercial marketing purposes, utilising not only photographic techniques but also our cinemagraphic style to offer a highly artistic and creative offset to compete with mainstream high-fashion photographic production.



Our listed services provide a snapshot into the work Trident completes. In actuality Trident has a wider reach of services to offer based on request. However if we do not, as a modern and groundbreaking company we see it nessasary to grow and learn new trades on a per project basis. Therefore, if you feel that a production or project can work well with Trident's ethos we can build the skills to complete the project even if we do not already have proven use of them.

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